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Trade`s rules Mamba-Games


Chief Administrator
Команда форума
Chief Administrator
31 Янв 2022
Part from Rules Mamba-Games project:

6. Trading between players (RMT)
6.1. All trading operations between players are the responsibility of the seller and the buyer
6.2. All transactions carried out without a guarantor in the person of the project administration do not fall under the transaction protection rule
6.3. In case of theft, deception, fraud - the participants of the transaction bear full responsibility on their own
6.4. The project administration is not responsible for the acts provided for in clause 6.3.
6.5. The participants of the transaction have the right to use the services of a guarantor represented by a representative of the administration of the Mamba-Games project and have the right to compensation for losses in case of unfair behavior of one of the parties
6.6. When making transactions with third-party guarantors, the administration of the Mamba-Games project is not responsible for the consequences of violations in the aftermath of the transaction.
6.7. The rules for the provision of the Guarantor's services are fixed by additional rules in the "Trade" section on the forum mamba-games.ru .
6.8. The project administration has the right to identify verified merchants by verification to determine the reliability of the seller and the right to refuse to provide verification to any user without explanation
6.9. The administration of the Mamba-Games project, in the case of regulating the issue with regard to the subject, has no right to create a new subject out of thin air. The subject of the dispute is a physical object involved in the dispute, drawing is prohibited
6.10. It is prohibited to sell an account to a representative of a race (Patriarch, Archon, Attacker, Defenders, Support) for the races Akretia, Bark, Bellato.
6.11. In case of detection of the sale of a representative of the race, the violator's account is subject to a ban for N hours and removal from the post of a representative of the race.
6.12. It is prohibited to send messages about the purchase and sale to the racial chat (Archon, representative, leader), it is also prohibited to use macros and greetings of the leader of the race for the implementation of offers of sale
6.13 Using a trading mouthpiece (/megaphone):
6.13.1. The interracial trading mouthpiece is intended to indicate trade offers
6.13.2. It is prohibited to use it to insult other players
6.13.3. It is forbidden to write words that may lead to the blocking of media personalities
6.13.4. For violation of the prohibitions from paragraphs 6.13.1. and 6.13.2. punishment is provided in the form of a warhead for 12 hours for the first time, 24 hours for the second time, 72 hours for the third - the following will lead to a warhead for 7 days.

Where to trade and are there restrictions?:
1. Trading activity takes place in the Discord server in a specialized section: [Discord Mamba-Games]
2. There are no restrictions on the purchase/sale of game values in the game world, except in cases specified in the project rules
3. The purchase/sale section is available on the forum

Mamba-Games Guarantor Option:
We only work with transactions from 50 dollars.
We charge 10% for full transaction support

- The account owner provides proof of account ownership
- The cost of 10% of the transaction amount for all support (The Parties pay 50-50 or by agreement)
- The two parties themselves negotiate the terms of purchase/sale and the price
- When agreements are reached, they turn to the administration or moderators
- A conference is being created where the seller demonstrates the account
- With consent, the administration changes the password on the account that is subject to sale
- The buyer pays the seller the agreed price through the guarantor
- The buyer and seller transfer the amount for support by purchasing "Guarantor Points" in their Personal Account
- After confirming the transaction, the buyer writes the desired Email and password to the account to the BOS
- The transaction is completed
- The cost of 10% of the transaction amount for all support (The Parties pay 50-50 or by agreement)
- The two parties themselves negotiate the terms of purchase/sale and the price
- All sides meet in the game world
- The seller transfers the purchased item to the guarantor
- The guarantor shows the item to the buyer
- The parties conduct the transaction through the guarantor
- The guarantor transfers funds to the seller
- The guarantor transfers the goods to the seller to the buyer
- The transaction is completed
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