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Current server build development is a history of more than two years of constant work. In the game you will meet up hundreds of small features that will brighten up your future gameplay and make it more comfortable in line with the realities of 2024.​

  • The server is full of content for both solo gameplay and team battles. Server development is divided in 2 conditional stages, the first of which significantly slows down the leveling for characters higher than level 50.
  • Focused on classic gameplay, there are no elven weapons, golden weapons, relics or crimson weapons.
  • Contains a huge amount of newly developed side quests and quest chains
  • Character leveling is quite hard, so we developed daily quests for experience divided by groups of levels, and you can also gain experience by passing level dungeons, as well as additional basic tasks.
  • Have its own system of calculating experience rates - x4 which means experience for each level is divided into 4 parts, so there may be some difference with other servers.
  • Advanced and strong economy system of the game world which allows you to enjoy and benefit from all the trading operations
  • Contains tons of new mechanics and features with resources and equipment that are usually not available on other servers;
  • Installed the world's best server software solution - tons of new features for convenient, comfortable and full of content gameplay.
  • Last year more than 11 thousand accounts were created on our server including ~5500 unique players and the active phase of the server lasted more than 5 months
  • Team of professional game designers and server staff for the comfort of your gameplay

Welcome to join us!
О сборке.png
  • Client version - Mamba-Rozalution, to start playing download our client (the client from this link);
  • High-quality connection with option of choosing better gate with the lowest ping
  • Server defense - HGK
  • Max. LVL - 60
  • Max. amount of game windows opened - 3
  • Cash Shop rate: 1 GP to 170 CS;
  • Approx currency: 1 GP ~ 170 IDR;
  • Cross-Classes - available
  • CashShop auction, which allows you to trade items, including between all 3 races - more info;
  • Premium Service doesn’t affect experience gain and PT / skill / animuses, but gives some other bonuses;
  • Achievements - “Faster, Higher, Stronger” (more info later)

  • Exp gain - x4
  • PT/Skills - x7
  • Force - x7
  • Animus exp - x30
  • UTM can be used at LV45+, Mining tool at LV40
  • Loot drop - x1
  • Pick up loot speed - x8 (autoloot included in Premium service)
  • Mining speed - x4
7 КО.png

  • Mamba-point - An in-game CashShop alternative. Mamba-point NPC’s offer you some most valuable items from CashShop. As well as exclusives, which are not listed in CS. - more info;
  • FullDrop - system, which allows you to drop items out of another player's character’s inventory after you kill him. - more info;
  • Upgraded crafting system - allows you to pack a lot of game items into x99 box with just one click. Crafting equipment via maketool has a luck-check system built-in, so you can craft Type-C, P.A.L.M.A.S. armor or Leon weapon with low chance. Works only for LV50 - 55 equipment.
  • Lucky cubes auto event - Every 1h a lucky cube is spawned in 2 zones in a fixed place (Elan, Sette desert). The loot from this cube is worth not missing it. Dark hall accessories can be dropped with 0,5% chance
  • Closed boxes of Might - with valuable loot and 3 types of keys to open it - Boxes of might description link
  • Resource factions - a long 24 quest chain to get bonus character stats for 72h, and to get some faction reward boxes for every 1h spent in game - Resource factions description link;
  • Boosters and Type-C leviaters - There are 4 types of boosters - Vampiric, HP, Accuracy, Dodge. And there’s also an unique upgrade system with an option-selection out of 10 different type-C options. You can put type-C option to any boostered leviator from rank 1 to 99 - more info link.

  • All NPCs with item exchange options have a text description of the requirements
  • There are some to-get-started NPCs near the place you log in game:
    • Premium Vendor - 6 premium swords, including throwing dagger. And also a Premium Quest Activator, which will be required to complete special quests.
    • Chuty Supply Merchant - x1000 ammo packs and a pager-combinator
  • Storekeeper can offer you:
    • mining tool
    • UTM with small durability
    • 1h battery
  • Talic Collector exchanges talics for the following resources:
    • 1 favor and 1 keen - P.A.L.M.A.S. armor resources
    • 2 favor - a random Adventurers jewelry
    • 3 keen - Leon box
  • Movement coordinator offers some useful TPs
  • Race manager offers you 40% atk/def potions, a small key of Might, type-C armor and weapon option-changing item, and the “Voting” item for Archon selection
  • There are not only common master’s gifts with changed loot, but also server master’s gifts - more info link
  • The mentor sells a box with a random elite spell for ~1kk CP;
  • Flem the Jeweler can exchange 5 CT for 1 Mamba-point
  • The Supplier can offer you guard towers, mines, siege kits of all levels
  • PvP-Reward Vendor can offer you all sorts of base boostered leviators and shining of aegis - aegis jewelry crafting material
  • Pig NPCs can offer you cashshop items for Mamba-points
  • You can buy type-A/type-B weapons up to LV50
  • You can buy type-B armor up to LV41
  • Almost all the NPCs in the game world can offer you consumables
  • Movement coordinator at Elan can sell you 5000 ammo packs
  • A lot of NPCs have “Velocity” button to buff you
  • Battle Dungeon Vendor can offer you dark hall quest box and daily exp quests for race currency
  • Vaffer, Snatche and Crawler merchants in Sette Desert sells you items for special RNA quests
  • Type-A / Type-B equipment is removed from all Dark Ambassadors boxes
  • Dragon Knight NPC can offer you a random type-C LV55 weapon
Предметы и ресы.png

  • Stacking up most of the resources form 1 to 5 stacks per hero combination
  • Ammo maketool is replaced with upgraded resources maketool and into-box packaging
  • T3 envelopes can be upgraded to T4
  • You get T3 and T4 envelopes instead of random stones while ore processing. You can also obtain T5 stones from ore +3
  • There is a special T-envelope box, which you can get from special quest (more info), There’s a chance of getting T5 and T6
  • You get “talic essence” instead of common talics for processing the ore. The essence can be exchanged into talic boxes via hero combination 3x1 (3 essences - 1 box). You can combine up to 5 stacks at once
  • Talic box contains 2 of random talic
  • Every 99 talics can be packed into a box, which can be exchanged for CT to save your time
  • There’s a quick rare ore processing into server boxes via hero combination : Any amount of Rare ore x99 boxes + 1 any empty master box. You receive exact amount of master boxes of the used empty box type - (more info)
  • Gli, Beam and Rian could broken into other small resources
  • In upgrade crafting you could make a Type-C excelsiar with a 100% chance
  • Available convert Elemental jewerly from [0] quality to updgrade craft resources for making Intense (Type-C) gear
  • Most valuable resources on our server are considered:
    • Crystal talic - hero combination/collector’s exchange/special quests/sette desert guards
    • Herodian chip pieces - Gli exchange/special quests
    • Herodian chip - quests/pieces exchange/loot from snatchers/drop out of PBs
    • Upgraded Herodian chip - crafting from herodian chip/drop out of Server’s 2nd phase PBs
    • Sparkling halostone piece - ore processing/ boxes of Might/ large server’s master gifts/ special quests
    • Sparkling halostone - hero combination with pieces/drop out of PBs/ boxes of Might/ special quests
    • Transparent halostone piece - ore processing/ boxes of Might/ large server’s master gifts/ special quests/ sette guards
    • Transparent halostone - hero combination with pieces/drop out of PBs/ boxes of Might/ special quests
    • Linguistic halostone piece - out of transparent halostones/special quests
    • Linguistic halostone - hero combination with pieces/ drop out of Server’s 2nds phase high-lv PBs
  • You can get better quality crafting resources from common crafting resources (obtained from ore processing), which are used for equipment crafting with higher chances
  • Within "Race currency packer to potion" item could be combo your race currency to exchange to potion with race currency - also this potion could be place on auction
  • You can stack up leon instructions and you can put on Auction house
  • Value of Red and blue stones has changed. Red stones are used for type-C armor combination (more info), blue stones are used for type-C weapon combination (more info)
  • Red and Blue stones are equalized in chances and you can exchange them 1 to 1 via hero combination
  • HP/FS/SP Potion info:
    • 3k/4k/5k HP potions are offered in x99 boxes
    • 2,5k FP potions are offered in x99 boxes
    • 800 SP potions are offered in x99 boxes
  • 3,6 sec. cure potion is offered in x99 boxes
  • Ultra satellite radars are offered in x99 boxes
  • Guardtower resource is unified and can be bought in x99 boxes from race Supplier
  • Revival potions are forbidden in Crag Mine Field. But you can craft a special revival potion from 10 common revival potions and 1 quick revival potion. This potion can be used in crag mine field
  • There is a lucky jade which extends the cost of the loot you sell to the NPCs. Can be obtained from +3 ore with extremely low chance. Can also be obtained from Hora Dark Hall reward box
  • Specially designed 3 types of boxes of Might are an important part of the game. You can obtain valuable resources and items for your character growth
  • Boxes of might can be obtained only by combining closed box and the key (more info):
    • Closed box of Might can be dropped out of any mobs in the game (in high-level locations the chances are better)
    • key of small might can be bought for gold at Race Manager
    • key of expert might can be bought for mamba-points at Pig NPC
    • key of elite might can be bought from CashShop
  • Being a part of specific faction gives you a special box every XX:00 hour if you’re in game depending on the faction you’ve chosen

  • Static schedule of the PBs spawn with advanced loot - Schedule and loot info link
  • Character level does not affect the drop rate form the following mobs:
    • Lazhuardin warrior (crag mine)
    • Spell Lazhuardian (crag mine)
    • All turncoats (sette desert)
    • Assasin Builder A (All colonies)
    • Hobo blade (Ether)
    • Hobo Rover (Ether)
    • Passer Beta (Ether)
    • Caliana Crew (Ether)
    • Caliana Atrock (Ether)
    • Caliana Archer (Ether)
    • Assassin Builder B (Ether)
    • Snatcher scout (Exile land)
    • Snatcher archer (Exile land)
  • The loot from Hobo-blade, Hobo-rover and Passer beta has been reworked. It is now a valuable alternative for proper farming
  • The +1,+2 ore is dropped out of the Spell and warrior Lazhuardian
  • The setter desert guards loot is butcher's epaulet. There’s also a small chance of getting a random amount CT box and form 1 to 11 pieces
  • All the low level resources cost is increased x3, including Cling, Mika, Wief, Riar, Zid, BliDend
  • Medium level resources cost is increased x2, including Haren, Louis Mika, Cell wief, Jem Riar, Sol Zid, Ply BliDend
  • Loot from Holy Chip has been changed - more info link
  • There is a small chance of getting herodian chip from snatchers in outcast lands
  • The chance of getting elemental jewelry from caliana’s in ether and from Assasin builders in Elan is increased
  • There is a small chances of getting a closed box of Might from any mob in the game
  • There is a chance of getting mamba-point capsule from any mob in the game
  • There is no potions and ammo in loot from Chuty
  • All the loot from PBs is hidden by the name
  • Looting priority system is the same for all the bosses in the game : the party with the most damage can loot the first. Exception : Lucky cube. Everyone can loot it asap

  • All dungeon key descriptions were changed for more detailed information
  • There are solo-quad dungeons with LV mobs, needed for character exp gaining
  • Ore dungeon - exchange 15 stacks of +3 ore for the dungeon key via combination. You can get higher reward after passing the dungeon
  • There is a chance of getting 75% exp potion after passing the 21-25, 26-30,31-35, 36-40, 41-45 dungeon
  • There is a chance of getting Type-C weapon box with the max of 6 level lowering after passing the 21-25, 26-30, 31-35, 36-40, 41-45 dungeons
  • Possible rewards from small citadel (at LV45+):
    • x1 Keen/Favor talic
    • Type-C weapon box 45(50)
    • P.A.L.M.A.S jewelry
    • Aegis jewelry box
    • sector dungeon key 48-51
  • Possible rewards from Hora Dark Hall (Big Citadel at LV50+):
    • x3 Keen/Favor talic
    • Random elan weapon box
    • Random Type-C 50(55) weapon box
    • Dark Hall jewelry

  • There are some unique quests for solo leveling - more info link
    • Two types of quests - for cashshop and for race currency
    • The cooldown is 10h form the moment you chose the quest
    • You can collect different quest scrolls, but you can’t take exact the same before you complete it
    • The final reward for 40-45 quests is 18% exp potion
    • The final reward for 46-50 quests is 10% exp potion
    • The final reward for 51-55 quests is 5% exp potion
    • The final reward for 56-58 quests is 2,5% exp potion
  • Cartelas seal special quest can be taken once per 24h after completing it. Can be taken from Citizen in Ether
  • 0,5 Speed Jewelry quest is included into the level quest line. You get it on LV51
  • Modified DNA quests:
    • The quest CD is written in the name
    • The CD is 10h after you complete it
    • You can do all the quests separately. Each one has its own CD
    • There is a crafting recipe for all the quest items in the quest description
    • The reward contains 1,5% exp capsule
  • Newly designed RNA quest
    • Three types of quests: r-RNA, i-RNA, t-RNA
    • You can take RNA quests from Snatcher merchant, Crawler Merchant and Vaffer Merchant in sette desert from LV55
    • There is a crafting recipe for the quest item in the quest description
    • The quest item can be also bought from those NPC in sette
  • Newly designed small Citadel quests - dungeon alternative
    • Random small citadel quest box can be bought from Battle Dungeon vendor NPC
    • The cost of the quest is ~500.000
    • The quests are available from character level 45
    • You can change the quest to another one via hero combination for 2.500.000
    • There are 12 different quests in 3 locations - Sette desert, Ether, Volcano Cauldron
    • The CD of the same quest is 5 min after completing it
    • 4 reward pieces with the might key can be exchanged for the small citadel reward
  • Newly designed Hora Dark Hall quests - dungeon alternative
    • Random HDH quest box can be bought from Battle Dungeon vendor NPC
    • The cost of the quest is ~15.000.000
    • The quests are available from character level 50
    • You can change the quest to another one via hero combination for 5.000.000
    • There are 12 different quests in locations - Elan, Beasts Mountain, Cartella Laborotory
    • The CD of the same quest is 5 min after completing it
    • 4 reward pieces with the might key can be exchanged for the small citadel reward
  • Newly designed Heroic quest chain
    • Can be taken from Hero NPC after reaching LV51
    • Contains 8 stages. After finishing the last one, the chain restarts
    • After the withdrawal of the quest, the CD is 2h
    • The rewards are some important resources for character growth
  • Newly designed Epic quest chain
    • Can be taken from Hero NPC after reaching LV60
    • Contains 8 stages. After finishing the last one, the chain restarts
    • After the withdrawal of the quest, the CD is 2h
    • The rewards are some important resources for character growth
  • New repeating special PB killing quest chain
    • Can be taken from Supply Merchant Vendor at Lv51
    • After completing all the stages the chain starts from the beginning
    • After withdrawal of the quest, its CD is 24h
  • Server quests for getting resources and money:
    • From LV51: Farm-quest to get a key to farm-dungeon. CD - 6h
    • From LV45: For killing small holystonekeeper in Crag Mine Field - ore and talics. CD - 3h
    • From LV45: For killing Chip guardians in Crag Mine Field - Random T-envelope box. No CD
  • No-CD repeating quest for getting money:
    • From LV35 : Chuty (Ticket manager and Port)
    • From LV46: Babas in Volcano (Feraid in Sette)
    • From LV51: Red Haired Splinter (Sandry’s store - Exile land)
  • Newly designed quest with the reward of special dungeon turret
    • The scroll quests are offered at Battle Dungeon Vendor NPC
    • There are 3 types of turrets : LV45, LV50, LV55
    • The quest is taken from Citizen on Ether
    • The turret holding time is 3h
    • You can only put 1 turret at once
    • Citadel turrets need no resources for installing and have increased installation time
  • Additional quest for getting EXP chocolate potions
    • Can be taken from LV35
    • Can be taken from Movement coordinator of your race
    • You have to kill 10 Chutys on Ether to complete the quest

  • None of the equipment on our server can be burned while upgrading it to +3(from +4 and higher it can)
  • Upgrading to +1, +2, +3 have increased chances for major talics (keen, favor, grace, mercy, darkness)
  • Leon weapon - new mechanics:
    • Leon weapon grade raising, saving the slots and talic upgrade level
    • Leon to type-C Leon combination with saving of the slots and talic upgrade level
    • Returning from type-C leon to base leon with saving of the slots and talic upgrade level
    • Raising the leon weapon level with losing only 1 talic
    • All leon parts are tradable
    • Leon instructions can be stacked up
    • Launcher parts can be exchanged to stuff parts and vice versa
    • All negative effects are removed
  • There is a special Elan weapon type with 3 different ranks and the possibility of increasing it
    • Elan weapon base damage makes it to feel comfortable in the fight
    • Can’t be upgraded to type-C
    • Crooked attack options has been replaced with the actual ones
    • There is a special type of socket extenders for Elan weapons
    • Any 3 equal elan weapons of rank 1 can be exchanged to 1 random elan weapon box via hero combination
  • PvP weapon
    • There is only LV55 PvP weapon at the NPC
    • You can upgrade your PvP weapon to LV60 with the special upgrader. The combination also requires LV55 Leon weapon of 3rd grade +5(7)
    • There’s a PvP grenade launcher
    • One-handed hammer is replaced with the two-handed one
    • PvP weapon with 7 slots can be upgraded with Crystal talic via hero combination. 10 CT = 1 attempt
  • There is a special type-C weapon box for all the melee weapons. This evenly distribute the chances for all types of weapon.
  • Rocket launchers and grenade launchers have base effect of 50 accuracy. This stat was replaced from Launcher Armor se
  • Crimson weapon
    • affordable at lv50 via the combination
    • good stats at lv55
  • There is a reroll combination for all type-C weapons starting from lv45. Through this combination you can’t get the same option you already have
  • Type-B and Type-C weapon base damage is equalized
  • There is a reroll combination for all type-C armor starting from lv45. Through this combination you can’t get the same option you already have
  • You can’t get any normal or type-B equipment from dark ambassadors NPC
  • There is a special description for all types of equipment
  • Type-SP armor of all levels can be upgraded with crystal talic, 15CT = 1 attempt
  • Type-SP armor option can be changed via special option-changing box from CashShop or via special hero combination
  • Archon, Guild leader and P.A.L.M.A.S armor has its own unique effects
  • P.A.L.M.A.S. armor bonus effects are separate from P.A.L.M.A.S. jewelry and have special bonuses from 3 and 5 item set
  • Boostered leviators are available from LV50
  • All boosters have more decrease critical chance %:
    • LV40 - 22%
    • LV35 premium - 25%
    • LV50 - 28%
  • Boostered leviator on reduce debuff time is exchanged with dodge. Rank 99 = +50 dodge
  • Boostered leviator has built-in decrease critical chance effect, 25%
  • Each rank of boostered leviator give 0,5% decrease critical chance effect. Rank 99 = +50% decrease critical chance
  • There is a special Type-C options for boosters, which can be applied to any boostered leviator from rank 1


  • All elemental jewelry stats of Bellato and Cora are equalized to Accretians’
  • Elemental jewelry can not be burnt through the rank upgrade combination
  • x2 T3 envelopes are used in the elemental jewelry upgrade combinations instead of T3 stones
  • Zombie accessories got new option: Attack [1] - 10%, [2] - 12%, [3] - 14%. Increase of debuff time replaced with decrease of debuff time.
  • Dark Hall jewelry stats are equalized for all three races
  • Stormknife claws x2 / Memories rings x2 set bonus has been changed from “decrease of skill CD” to “-10% debuff time”
  • Encourage Accessory (12% HP specialist LV40 jewelry) can’t be put into bank storage
  • Cora P.A.L.M.A.S. amulets are replaced with rings
  • Accretian launcher P.A.L.M.A.S. ring special option has been changed from reduce attack time to accuracy
  • DDD brothers jewelry set options has been improved a little
  • Aegis jewelry of all types can be recycled into aegis pieces. Collecting 99 pieces you can combine it with aegis blessing via hero combination into rank 3 aegis jewelry of your choice
Прочие особенности.png

  • Tons of not-properly designed game features were fixed and improved after during 3 years
  • High-quality connection for comfortable gameplay throughout Russia, CIS and other countries
  • Unified game account for all the servers with TFA
  • Working with best experts in terms of game maintenance
  • Excellent system of quick help and player support
  • Presence of the unified guide with detailed description of all the mechanic and elements of the game process
  • In 2023, the project raffled approximately 8404$ between users (including cash and equipment prizes)
  • Reliable project with the good reputation

Other in-game features:

  • Fully-working Mailing system. Cost of sailing a mail is 5 gold
  • PvP-points receiving is splitted between members of the group
  • Changed archon-selection system
  • Fully working elemental resistance and elemental ammo
  • Fully working physical defense from favor talic upgrade
  • Velocity at NPCs for 50.000 and x1 rare ore
  • You can pack up your money into capsules to sell
  • Fully-detailed announcement of PB spawn and death mentioning race and nickname of the killer
  • Hopn - whole server trading announce message, so you can use it to announce via chat combination /megaphone
  • Customized auras made as effects, which don't affect your game efficiency even with high amount of players on the screen
  • There are different arrival locations for zones: Volcano, Beasts Mountain, Outcast Lands, Cartella BioLab
  • There is a new special turncoat spot near Caliana PB at Elan, equal to barrels spot
  • There is an equalized resource for all types of turrets installing
  • Race buffs and chip holders stats are rebalancde
  • There is a special mechanic of endless potions of all types (healing, damage)
  • Turrets of LV50 and higher can not be installed in Volcano
  • You can see the radius of all turrets of your race except system one

  • There is a special image of your type-C / type-SP equipment option on the item icon
  • There is a special image of the talic put in your equipment on the item icon
  • Leon instructions are changed so you can stack it up
  • You can extend sockets of your equipment even if you have favor/keen talics put in it
  • There are exact instructions of what you can do with your equipment almost on any item in the game
  • There is a special customized interface showing you the HP bars of your target split into parts. (there is a link to common game interface in the files topic of the forum if you want it)
  • Leviator buff has 20 sec cooldown. Leviator flying speed is increased by 2 from the standart
  • Build-in legal zoom hack - you can zoom out your camera on any distance from your character
  • Sort button of your inventory and bank storage
  • You don’t lose the potion effect while being logged out
  • holy chip’s size is lowered
  • there are special TPs to race manager
  • All TPs have description and are defined by colour
  • If you alt-tab your game window, your character keeps moving
  • You can remove your buffs from LV7 with right clicking it
  • There is a chance distribution at the modifier tool
  • You don’t need to place your stones and talic into modifier tool after each upgrade
  • There is a cooldown timer on any spell you use
  • If you have skill PT 99/99 you still can level up your skills
  • Almost on every zone there is an NPC selling you consumables
  • Every skill in the game has detailed information about its bonuses
  • You can block your inventory and party window from accidental moving, clickin on it or closing
  • Every player from LV25 can see the % of all the Chips, and can also move the % window
  • There are special Chuty’s at HQ near the transport ship which help you to level up skills and spells
  • Any class in the game can craft equipment via maketool
  • Hero combinations have no waiting animations
  • All ammo are offered in two types - single tagret and AOE - being marked on the icon
  • Quest chain cubes can be scanned via PB radar. The cube’s size is also increased
  • There is a special “Velocity” capsule in the game shop which you can only use not in battle
  • Not accepting the combination result won’t make you lose your items
  • The size of the ScudLava on the Elan has been increased
  • There is no potions and ammo in Chuty’s loot
  • Gold and Silver Catalysts, turret resource and radars can be bought in boxes
  • Special combination for recycling talic boxes into CT. You can recycle up to 99 talic boxes into 15 CT
  • Inventors cube options have special description of how to use them in crafting
  • All types of ExelSiar pieces are dropped in boxes containing 2 pieces.
  • You can change the race of the item in your storage by clicking on it
This version of server description is preliminary and some parts of it can be changed while the server tests
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  • You can swap your character class for free for 3 times
  • HP gaining from leveling is increased by 20%
  • Defense PT gaining from taking your class is increased by 20%
  • img_56.png
    Support team buffs don’t require FP and SP
  • img_10.png
    “Skill stretch” is moved to basic skills so anyone can use it
  • Accuracy and dodge ratio. To reach the maximum effect you need your dodge to be +80 to the enemy’s accuracy
  • img_161.png
    Support classes gain +10% experience passive buff after taking 2nd class
    • Bellato : Sentinel, Machinist
    • Cora : Templar, Artisan
    • Accretia : Warder, Battle Leader
  • img_99.png
    “Barrier” and “Force Freezing” can be used you your allies with extended cooldown of 4 minutes
Ближний бой.png

  • img_5.png
    Melees have 2 buffs being combined. One in basic skills and one in expert skills
  • Aggro skill can be used with any weapon without shield equiped
  • img_148.png
    Velocity buff has been replaced with the new skill : Second chance. For 15 secons you gain 1,5 speed and the cooldown of your skills is reduced by 5 seconds. The cooldown is 5 min. Tanker classes don't have this skill
  • img_8.png
    All tankers have extended by 30% experience gain buff in “Buildup defense”, “Hypnotic power”, “Excel charge
  • Zealot class has two buffs combined: Faith and Vision
  • img_6.png
    Fixed animation of "Earthquake" skill for Barbarian
  • img_9.png
    Sentinel’s draining skill now has % of hp vampirism, not the exact amount
  • img_4.png
    All types of melee class skills always are critical
Дальний бой.png

  • img_163.png
    Hyper R.P.M. has +28% attack buff, cooldown reduction by 2,4 seconds and 30 accuracy
  • img_60.png
    Detonate do not affect the holy chip, holy stonekeeper, PBs
  • Invisibility skill is available only for second class (LV40) and is not available for Desolator class
  • img_31.png
    The duration of invisibility skill is 180 sec. You can’t remove it by right clicking
  • img_37.png
    Debuffs of middle classes are now increasing the target’s FP absorbing by 300% and decrease the amount of the FP by 90%
  • img_58.png
    Launcher class buff has 25% attack increase, 10 critical points and attack speed increase by 0,25
  • Launcher class has significant amount of additional defense while in siege kit
  • img_51.png
    Flashbang skill has extended by 80 cast distance
  • There are two types of LV55 siege kits for rocket launchers and flamethrowers : radius (60 dmg, 50 accuracy, -0,3 attack speed, -150 dodge) and speed (0,5 attack speed, 30 accurasy, -50 dodge)
  • All Miners have true sight buff being built-in their invisibility skill
  • img_119.png
    “Scamper” skill gives 2,5 speed, but -30 dodge and attack speed penalty
  • img_120.png
    “Illusion” skill gives 50 dodge, but decreases 15% damage

  • img_3.png
    Basic cora spells are combined into one, can be casted only on yourself
  • img_2.png
    “Sacrifice” can extend your buff time
  • Male Cora debuff time has been increased to the actual level
  • img_44.png
    “Weakness” and “Vulnerability” are fully-working debuffs
  • AOE of all the spells has been increased
  • The “sloth” debuff at LV7 decreases accuracy and dodge of the target by 50
  • Debuff duration of LV7 has been increased by 10% up to 99 seconds
  • Animus at all levels don`t consume FP
  • Animus passive healing time while not being summoned has been changed from every 2sec to every 0,5 sec
  • Class spells of Bellato and Cora mages has been enhanced, the spell radius has been increased
  • img_8.png
    “Torment” spell has been actualized. Decreases HP over time : [from 150 to 1150], FP [from 80 to 400], SP [from 40 to 200] depending on the spell level
  • img_15.png
    “Soul vitality” has been completely reworked. This buff now increases the efficiency of potion healing up to +7%
  • img_14.png
    “Healing” of the Bellato Mage has been divided into 2 separate spells in basic and in expert. “Restore SP” spell has been replaced with mini-heal [ min 5% max 9%] and can be used only on yourself. Works with any weapon. Common healing can be used on allies as well, it heals 10-30% HP, but it requires stuff being equipped, the CD is 3,5 sec
  • img_1.png
    “Celerity” skill has been reworked. Instead of decreasing melee attack speed, it increases accuracy of magic spells [from 10 to 30]. Can be only used on yourself
  • img_21.png
    “Conservation” spell has a built-in HP vampiric option. For Cora mages it also has a built-in FP vampiric. [From 1% to 5%]. Can be only used on yourself
  • img_81.png
    “Force shield” spell converts damage taken into FP, increases the max FP amount by 100% and increases FP vampiric by 25%

  • img_71.png
    Cora and bellato (but not MAU) specialists have “Frozen shield’ skill
  • Bellato specialists can get full experience being in MAU, but get no bonus from jades and potions.
  • MAU defense individually customized for each level and each part
  • MAU can be controlled from keyboard
  • MAU key is not destroyed after MAU HP reaching 0
  • img_100.png
    All specialists (except MAU) has a class debuff “Gauge down”
  • img_187.png
    All specialists in the game have GU spells
  • img_187.png
    Bellato specialists (not MAU) have “Eagle crusher” skill
  • img_84.png
    Artisan has “Animus Rest” skill. Can be used with any weapon
  • Both Accretian specialist classes has been combine into one
  • Acid grenade has been reworked and decreases 10% of targets Gauge
  • Accretian grenade launcher debuffs time has been increased for 10% up to 22 sec
  • Healing grenade heals 22% og target HP, but can’t be used with grenade launchers type-A and type-B
  • Turrets can be repaired at the race Hero NPC, the price of repair is mentioned on the turret description
  • Turrets and mines of all level are sold at Supplier NPC
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